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Affordable Long and Short Term Business Storage in Singapore

Let our experts find you a business storage solution.

At D Storage, we offer a huge range of storage options for businesses of any size to meet their practical needs and budget. Whether you need the storage space, have excess stock or anything else, our secure, convenient and versatile solutions give you the flexibility you need.

With both long and short term storage available, you can select the space that meets your requirements and adjust it throughout the year if need be. Our Size Estimator can give you an idea of how much space you will need— if you would prefer to speak with us directly, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team in Singapore and we will be on hand to help.

Example of how our services can benefit your business

Import & Export

Some businesses within this industry do not have the capacity to operate their own warehouse.

D Storage can help by allowing continual flow of stock, easy access and complimentary trolleys at an affordable price.

Stocks, Supplies & Equipment

It can be difficult to find enough storage space for stock, supplies and equipment, especially when the quantity is inconsistent throughout the year. With our business storage solutions in Singapore, you can enjoy access to a secure offsite location at absolutely any hour of the day, any day of the year. We can help you stow:

  • Home office files and equipment
  • Trade business supplies
  • Seasonal stock
  • Product samples
  • Stock overflow
  • Small Mobile business equipment
  • Point of sale supplies and equipment
  • Pharmaceutical laboratory equipment

Office Relocation & Archive Storage

Commercial or corporate relocation is a time consuming process, and it isn’t as simple as shifting everything over in one go. We can help by providing an extra space to hold any furniture, documents or equipment before it is moved to the new office or until it finds a new home.

You may also wish to visit our “Size Estimation” to have a rough idea of the storage size we are offering. Visit our “Gallery” to see how our storage facility looks like.


Everything and anything can be stored at our rented storage space in Singapore. We offer one of the cheapest temporary storage spaces in Singapore, which are designed to meet all your needs. What’s more, our handy size estimator ensures the right fit each time.

Book the storage you need at right this moment. Just fill in the blanks and click Send. It’s that easy. You can also opt to call and speak to a D Storage expert directly.